“Changing the World by
Serving the Legal Community”

CEO’s Message

When the foundation for law pundits was laid in 2008, we had one aim in mind: Improve the world by serving the legal community. Everyone at Law Pundits work with a single goal of ensuring that the different stakeholders within the legal community stand to benefit in whatever services we provide.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to work in several jurisdictions around the world and help every segment of the legal community. Be it, pre-law students, law students, lawyers, Judges, in house counsels, paralegals, law firms, Companies, Legal Technology firms, Law Schools, Government or Entrepreneurs. Our services have been availed by all segments of the legal industry. We have been fortunate to work with several Fortune 500 companies, some of the largest law firms and accounting firms, some of the top law schools around the world and to continually provide our services in four continents.

Annually we host, multiple conferences, law related expos and legal fairs which are attended by thousands of people within the legal community. Our online publications are read and subscribed to by readers all around the globe. Our online legal courses, which provide training to professionals from several sectors and has been instrumental in updating their legal skills.

We are proud of the fact that there has been so many “firsts” in the services that we offer. India’s first, largest and only legal education expo at the time (LEASE) was conceived and organized by us. Our Legal Recruitment Fair (LRF) has been a first in terms of a recruitment fair focused on lawyers. We have organized the first Legal Technology Event in India. We own and operate the only advertising platform that caters to the legal industry. Innovating within the legal environment is a very hard thing to do, however we constantly strive to innovate and help the legal community. The support offered by the stakeholders has been instrumental in our growth and we look forward to being of service to the legal community and continue to innovate and provide new service.